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Buy 3 bottles SAMe and get an extra bottle FREE

RETAIL OFFER: SAM-e: Optimal Mood Balancer and Optimiser of Liver functions: Buy 3 bottles and get an extra bottle FREE

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Buy 3 bottles SAMe and get an extra bottle FREE
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Buy 3 bottles SAMe and get an extra bottle FREE

General Benefits SAMe

* Counteracts Stress, Emotional Imbalance and Depression

* Reliefs CFS (chronical fatigue syndrome)

* Optimises liver functions and counteracts liver disorders (e.g. due to excessive use of alcohol or use of medicines)

* Beneficial effects in case of Alzheimer

* Improves the health of joints and ligaments (see SAMe Joint)

SAMe stands for S-adenosyl-l-methionine. It is one of the most innovative and multifunctional food supplements on the market.

SAMe is a substance produced by our own body. It plays a central part in almost all body processes. But the older we get, the more drastically the level of SAMe in our body decreases. Yet recent medical science has discovered and proved that SAMe is responsible for the repair and stimulation of cell growth.

In our brains SAMe helps producing dopamine and serotonin. Consequently, SAMe plays a stimulating role in case of stress related depressions. SAMe also conquers the negative effects of CFS (chronical fatigue syndrome). Its positive effect on the brains can be helpful for people suffering from Alzheimer.

In case of liver disorders like hepatitis SAMe takes care of a faster destruction and elimination of the toxines.

SAMe co-operates at the repair of cells. Therefore it is also beneficial in case of arthrosis, since it helps to repair the cartilage. This makes it an ideal product to combine with Glucosamine

Why choose CompaSAM 200mg ?

SAMe occurs as SAMe-tosylate-disulphate (very stabile). It is a chiral molecule appearing under two forms: the S,S and the R,S-form. Only the SS form is biologically active.

CompaSAM contains approx. 80% S,S SAMe, which is the highest possible active form. It is a completely natural product, manufactured via fermentation.

The tablets are enteric coated, or coated with an acid resistant layer. This way they can resist the acid stomach and are only absorbed entirely in the blood when reaching the small intestine.

Ideal supplement for anyone facing stress, depression, liver disorders, fatigue or CFS.

SAMe is perhaps the safest and most effective antidepressant in the world. SAMe is a precursor for glutathione, coenzyme A, cysteine, and taurine.

One study measured the postmortem levels of SAMe in the brains of 11 patients with Alzheimer`s disease. Decreased levels of S-adenosylmethionine (-67 to -85%) and its demethylated product S-adenosylhomocysteine (-56 to -79%) were found in all brain areas examined as compared with matched controls (n = 14) (Morrison et al. 1996).

A review article of SAMe concluded that intravenous or oral administration of SAMe represents a possible treatment for Alzheimer`s dementia, subacute combined degeneration of the spinal cord (SACD), and HIV-related neuropathies, as well as in patients with metabolic disorders such as folate reductase deficiency (Bottiglieri et al. 1994).