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Rosavin Helps aid stress, anxiety, panic, emotional imbalance

Rosavin - Helps aid stress, anxiety, panic, emotional imbalance, lack of energy and many more - Suitable for Vegetarians

Weight: 64 grammes

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Rosavin  Helps aid stress, anxiety, panic, emotional imbalance
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Siberian Rhodiola Rosea

A standardised 3% extract of Siberia Rhodiola Rosea which provides an adaptogenic response to a number of environmental stressors. Rosavin may provide extraordinary therapeutic benefits for patients who take anti-depressants

May help to:

* Fight mood swings
* Enhance memory and mental performance
* Assist in maintaining energy levels and stamina
* Increase circulation in the brain
* Aid weight loss

For those needing help with:
Stress Parkinson`s disease
Anxiety Alzheimer`s disease
Depression Lupus
Panic Multiple sclerosis
Emotional imbalance ADD & ADHD
Lack of energy Memory enhancement
Longevity Athletics/Sports
Stamina Hiking
Hormonal balance Airplane travel
Fat reduction Health & Fitness
Gum disease Cancer patients
Hearing problems Diabetics
Immune response

Testimonials (extract from

``My patients have experienced tremendous results in well-being in the areas of depression, motivation, focus and anxiety-all with the safe, natural adaptogen supplement: Rosavin.

Dr. Howard Peiper, ND
Renowned lecturer and Co-author of ``The Secrets of Staying Young.``

``I`ve never felt so good in all my life. I feel like a kid again. When I was 64 years old I was only able to swim a lap and a half in the pool and the YMCA. I started taking Rosavin and in less than thirty days I was swimming for an hour. After three months I swam for 3 hours straight and was interviewed by CBS. One year later, at 65 years old, I swam for 4 straight hours and was interviewed by ABC. That put me into the Guinness book of world records. For me Rosavin made all the difference between a work out and a record.``

Martin Reiser, Rh.P.
Orono, ME