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EnergyPlus™ : Energy and Weight loss Chromium Herbal Complex

Energy and weight loss Chromium/Herbal complex contains 90 Tablets - Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Weight: 98 grammes

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EnergyPlus™ : Energy and Weight loss Chromium Herbal Complex
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EnergyPlus™ : Energy and Weight loss Chromium Herbal Complex


• Fast Weight Loss

• Energy Boost

• Staying Awake
Healthy weight loss - Naturally - Boosts energy levels and gives that exclusive `Feel Good Factor`.

Research has shown that chromium Picolinate may reduce body fat even without dieting or exercising. This has even been confirmed in animal studies, so the results can`t be attributed to psychological factors. This is good news for the nine out of ten people who are chromium deficient and fighting the battle of the bulge!

Even more exciting is the news that chromium appears to reduce fat while preserving vital organ tissues and building the muscles that shape the body. When losing weight, we just don`t want to be smaller, we want our shapes back and we want to keep the fat off.
Lose the fat, build the muscle

The problem with losing weight is that we lose almost as much lean tissue - muscle tissue and organ tissue - as we lose fat. You can weigh less and be smaller, but still look fat. You want to lose fat tissue only. Studies have shown that with low-calorie diets, as much as 30 percent of the weight loss is healthy, lean tissue. When we lose lean tissue, we lose part of the `factory` that burns calories - even while we sleep. This means that we will soon put on more fat, because less of the food that we eat will be burned for energy, and more will be converted to fat. So dieters lose weight, eat little food, but put on more fat - commonly called the `Yo-Yo` effect. They lose lean tissue, which means that they not only lose muscle, but also their health is compromised. Some of that lean tissue may come from the heart, the kidneys and other vital organs.

Dieting without maintaining lean tissue can be very dangerous - even leading to heart disease and death. With chromium picolinate, studies show the lean muscle tissue is preserved and even increased, thus the metabolic rate is increased, which makes it easier to keep the weight off - and the vicious cycle is broken.
How can one nutrient affect health and weight so much?

The reason is that biologically active chromium is an essential insulin co-factor. The hormone insulin helps control hunger and regulates energy production, fat burning, muscle building and cholesterol utilisation.

Many people know that severe insulin malfunction can produce diabetes, but few realise that even mild insulin dysfunction can result in lowered energy levels, fat production, a craving for sweets and raised cholesterol levels. Combine this with a proven blend of Chinese herbs and you have the most powerful fat burner available.


``Between us we have lost over 40 lbs - it was so easy! I tried many diets over the years but couldn`t lose the weight on my hips. With BodyVital EnergyPlus™ I lost over 14 lbs - all from my hips! My husband now enjoys going swimming and is wearing fashionable clothes``.

Margaret & Terry Wright

``(with EnergyPlus™ ) I have now lost over 28 lbs... I now feel absolutely wonderful and full of energy``

Diane Buffini

``One year after giving birth to my daughter I still hadn`t lost the weight that I had put on during the pregnancy. Then after taking BodyVital EnergyPlus™ for a period of 6 months, along with eating 3 healthy meals a day and taking a good, long walk practically every day, I went from 14.7 stone to 8.7 stone. A total loss of 6 stone.``

H Sanderson

``After taking your BodyVital EnergyPlus™ I now feel far better than I have done for years, and I am able to do far more than I have done for a long time.

When I miss taking one I certainly know about it.``

Joan Goode

``Thank you for providing the BodyVital EnergyPlus™. I was amazed to find how much better I felt within 2 or 3 days. I have no craving for chocolate any more, and find that I eat properly without snacking.

Even without dieting as such, I have lost half a stone``.

Sheena Parry

Chromium Plus Herbs Power is a unique blend of 14 specialised herbs (all naturally occurring) that work in a complementary manner with the Chromium Picolinate. The ratio of each Herb has been scientifically balanced and tested to complement the basic properties of Chromium Picolinate. See for yourself why our product is so effective:

Sida Cordifolia - considered by many to be the world’s oldest medicine. It acts as an energy tonic that calms the mind as it stimulates the body, and in China it is used for relieving coughs and reducing fevers.

Guarana - Has been used for centuries by the Amazon Indians because of the tremendous natural lift is provides. It promotes long, slow endurance energy.

Green Tea - One of nature’s most powerful anti-oxidants works at a molecular level, combating free radical damage. Research indicates Green Tea may even combat lung, stomach and liver cancers.

Siberian Ginseng - This Herb is said to restore energy, strength and stamina. It is famous for reducing stress and fatigue, increasing mental alertness, and it’s action as an aphrodisiac.

White Willow Bark - Closely related to the active ingredient in aspirin, it has effective fever reducing,anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and pain-killing properties, known as the ‘Herbal aspirin’.

Bladderwrack - A type of seaweed that has been used medicinally since antiquity. It contains iodine - essential for the healthy functioning of the thyroid gland, often the cause of obesity.

Gotu Kola - Is considered by many to be the secret to longevity, it stimulates the immune system, and accelerates the healing process for wounds and many skin disorders.

Astragalus - A superior tonic and strong immune-enhancing Herb. Combats fatigue by nourishing the body’s organs.

Liquorice Root - One of China’s most popular healing herbs. It acts as a gentle laxative and fights disease-causing bacteria.

Ginger Root - Is most famous for it’s anti-nausea effects. Also known as a body-cleansing Herb, it rids the stomach and intestines of gas, and aids in the digestion of fatty foods.

Bee Pollen - Heralded as ‘natures most perfect food’, it is a highly nutritious tonic perfectly balanced to build and rejuvenate the body at its cellular level. It is believed to help counteract the effects of ageing and increase both mental and physical capability.

Rehmannia Root - General tonic for the blood, and helps in the assimilation of Herbal combinations.

Reishi Mushroom - Used in the Orient for over 1,000 years, it regulates blood sugar, supports the immune system and has anti-cancer and antioxidant properties.

Royal Jelly - A powerhouse of B vitamins, contains every nutrient necessary to support life. It is a natural antibiotic and provides nutrients for energy, mental alertness and overcoming stress, fatigue and insomnia.

Dosage: Take 1 or 2 tablets with breakfast and lunch