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Colladeen Anthocyanidin Complex 60 Tablets

A powerful antioxidant extract of grape seed and bilberry.

DOUBLE STRENGTH TABLETS Colladeen Anthocyanidin Complex 60 Tabs

Weight: 61 grammes

Product Code: BVColladeen

Colladeen Anthocyanidin Complex 60 Tablets
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Herbalists have used anthocyanidins (plant flavonoids) for centuries due to their powerful antioxidant properties as well as the important role they play in the health of the blood vessels in our bodies.

Colladeen® is a rich source of anthocyanidins from extracts of grape seed and bilberry berries. It is an invaluable addition to many supplement regimes including those regimes for:

· Seasonal allergies
· Combatting inflammation arising from sports injuries.
· Controlling fluid retention in the legs
· Chronic fatigue syndrome
· Fibromyalgia
· Helping prevent heart disease
· Eye health – computer eye strain
· Breast tenderness