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Turning a Blind Eye 10 Steps to your Natural Eye

The comprehensive guide to eyesight problems and their solution by natural means - Paper Back Book & FREE Audio Talking Book

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Turning a Blind Eye  10 Steps to your Natural Eye
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The comprehensive guide to eyesight problems and their solution by natural means.

The book covers:


Aged Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)



Diabetic Retinopathy

Hereditary (Genetic)

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Juvenile Macular Degeneration

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) eye problems

Dry Eye / Blepharitis

Common Eye Problems (Near sighted, far sighted etc.)

There is now a breakthrough that may help the majority of sufferers get relief and regain their sight over a 3 to 9 month period.

A new book ``Turning a Blind Eye`` - 10 Steps to Your Natural Eye Health, now released in Britain for the first time, explains in detail how practitioners have had good results treating these and other eye diseases for the past six years.

Studies both in the UK and the USA have indicated that nutritional deficiencies are found in the majority of eye diseases.

In the book you will read about Lutein Spray, the amazing nutrient that has been shown in these studies to be essential in the regeneration of the Macular. You will also read of the other nutrients specific to your eye condition and how simple lifestyle changes may help.? Detailing the types of food that harm your eyes, the diet and supplements required to repair that damage.?

Includes FREE Audio Talking Book for those who have difficulty reading and who want to overcome this serious epidemic.


``I have much more vision, can see TV clearly and figures. I am much more confident when driving and that I will now keep my driving licence``. Mr Tydd (UK)

``My Eyes are now marvellous; the Lutein spray has improved my eyes tremendously. I am surprised the doctors do not prescribe it on the NHS``. Mrs Campbell (UK)

``He can now watch TV and his quality of life has much improved in only 3 weeks. We left it off last week to make sure and the eyes deteriorated very quickly. We soon started it up again``. (Mr Rose was talking about his elderly relative who he looks after.) Mr Rose (UK)

``I no longer need reading glasses and I can see to do my crossword easily``. Mrs Marle (UK)

``My mother uses it and she can now go to the shops on her own. We are both very happy and amazed at the results`` Mrs Reeve (UK)

``Knew that her eyes were getting better but the smile on the face of her optician confirmed it even before the report clearly showed a big improvement``. Mrs Cousins (UK)

Read all it in this one book for only 9.95